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Brand New!
In-Studio Classes for New Mamas


I'm so excited to offer in-studio post-partum classes for new mamas! Come alone, or bring your little one for small group training specific to postpartum rehabilitation Wednesdays at 11:30 AM.

Our bodies are designed to conceive, carry and deliver a child, but it does take a toll. I’ll work with you on mindful rehabilitation so that you can move forward with a strong foundation, and also a wealth of knowledge about your body. 


Workouts are progressive and will focus on core, posture, functional movements and increasing your overall strength and stamina so that you can re-integrate into traditional fitness without fear of injury!

Classes are $30 plus hst each, or $90 plus hst for one month (4 weeks). Email me for access.  If you are new to GRIT, please complete the Online Registration Form.

If you prefer to work at your own pace from home, check out Mama's got GRIT Online!

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