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To eat, or not to eat

Too many times we find ourselves teaching an evening class, and people have mentioned that they have no energy. The question that follows is: "when was the last time you ate?", and the most common answer is "lunch".

So get this, you feel like you have no energy, because you don't have energy! Food, mostly carbohydrates and fats, are used as fuel in the body. When we don't eat for an extended period of time, our bodies have run out of fuel, and are basically just running on fumes. This will make us feel weak, can cause headaches and even halt weight loss, among other things.

Eating a mixture of protein, carbohydrates and fats 1 - 3 hours before your workout will allow for your body to digest the food and convert it into fuel.

Try eating things like yogurt and granola, a protein shake with fruit, cottage cheese and nuts, a banana and peanut butter, apple and cheese slices, just to name a few. We promise you will feel a significant difference!

Now it's time for your post workout meal. This will optimize muscle growth, help reduce recovery time and prevent muscle loss. Your workout will typically lower your blood sugar because it reduces how much insulin is needed to move sugar into the cells, leaving you somewhat depleted. So, you're going to want something high in the glycemic index, which will cause blood sugar to rise again. Fruit is usually your best bet: apple, banana, mango, the list goes on. Also some protein will help with recovery and muscle growth. Protein powder is a quick and effective way to get the protein you need, or you can eat yogurt or cottage cheese if powders aren't your thing. Incorporating a pre and post-workout snack or meal into your routine will leave you feeling energized and satisfied throughout your day. Give it a try and reap the befits!

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